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Deltasoft (Beijing) Technology was founded in January 1987 by Xiaoming Li, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University,as a parts supplier to government and industry.These parts include printed circuit boards,machine,components,etc. By 1992, in response to customer requests, the company began reverse engineering and producing complete printed circuit board assemblies.

We established this web site in 2000 and extended our marketing reach world wide with clients in 60 countries.

Deltasoft created a very practical and efficient EDA software for reverse engineering.


Sales Hotline : (+86) 10-62368495 sales E-mail :market@deltasoft.com.cn
Technical support hotline:
(+86) 18911029018 Technical support E-mail:support@deltasoft.com.cn
Address : 13th Building,ShuangQiGanDongLi,XiCheng District,Beijing,China
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