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Contact with us

If you meet a product-related issues, we suggest that you first look the "frequently asked questions knowledge base" to search for more convenient solutions; Please contact with us directly, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

Business cooperation   Technical support

If you have OEM hardware tying operations, or other retail or distribution intention, please contact the following mail address or telephone contact :


Cell Phone:

Phone: +86 10 85405215


If your use software products used or encountered any technical problems, please contact the following mail address or telephone contact :


Phone: +86 10 86060987

Website management    

If you visit the website in the links found fault or content, thank you to contact us :





Sales Hotline : (+86) 10-85405215 sales E-mail :market@deltasoft.com.cn
Technical support hotline:
(+86) 10-86060987 Technical support E-mail:support@deltasoft.com.cn
Address : No.1510,13th Building,ShuangQiGanDongLi,XiCheng District,Beijing,China
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