Project-based reverse engineering
Deltasoft Technologies specializes in reverse engineering and re-engineering printed circuit boards (PCBs). Call us in when you need to:

  • Replace an obsolete printed circuit board
  • Re-create lost or missing PCB manufacturing files
  • Update an existing PCB assembly with new capabilities
  • Re-engineer an old PCB design to current standards, using new components.

PCB reverse engineering capabilities

  • Up to 32 layers
  • No limit on nodes or pads
  • No limit on board size
  • No limit on components (through hole, surface
  • mount, or mixed)
  • Component sides: single or double-sided
  • SMT pitch down to 0.35 mm or less depending on board layout
What the PCB reverse engineering service delivers
You get a CD containing all the information and files you need to take your PCB into production:

  • Schematic diagrams and ORCAD DSN files, including all on-board
  • point-to-point wiring diagrams
  • Bill of materials listing all components.
  • Gerber files for the production of the PCB.
  • Printable PDF files for all schematics, board component layouts, each separate layer, drill files, solder masks, and dimensions.
  • Optional: Individual data sheets on each component where available.
  • Optional: A fully functional prototype PCB assembled with all components as-specified for testing and evaluation.


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