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  RPcb Enterprise

RPcb Enterprise including two parts: CBR and P2S.

1. CBR - PCB Reverse Engineering (BMP/JPG to PCB file)

  In some particular cases, you need to draw a PCB layout according to a actual borad or a film. Typically, you need to measure all units on the board.

With this software, you can generate PCB layout as easy as 1 2 3. All you need is to scan the PCB into a BMP or JPG file. The software would read the scanned file and do the adjustmTent for you. With the software, you can recover most of the layout easily. It's a handy tool that improves you quality and productivity.

With most of the features of PROTEL, CBR is not only a reverse design software, but also provides an integrated PCB design and layout solution.

New features of CBR:
  • Support JPG image file
  • Can import serveral image file and switch them easily.
    Import different layer image, press shortcut key "1","2","3",etc, to quickly show each layer image. This is very userful to check.
  • Can open or save a project.
    In the project, it include some image, placed objects,etc,..
  • Press mouse right button to drag and move background.
  • Using mouse wheel to scroll the document to left or right.
  • Using mouse wheel to zoom in or out the document, replace shortcut key "PgUp" and "PgDn"
  • Add Image processing menu.
    Sub menu:
    Rotating 180 degree
    Rotating 90 degrees by counterclockwise
    Rotating 90 degrees by clockwise
    Rotating any angle by counterclockwise or clockwise
    Rapidly rotating images, through pulling a reference line to rotate an image.
    Flip horizontally or vertically (mirror images)
    Automatic alignment for serveral layers image.
    Show original size (1:1).
    Show entire document.
  • Support circle mode for "paste array".
    1.In the specified angle
    2. Pull out the circular arc and then automatically calculate interval of angle
    3. Whether each objects will be rotated or not.

  • Remove dead copper in placing polygon.
  • Enhanced show function - final, hidden,draft.

  • Add library item in "PCB browse panel" on left.
    Press shortcut key "A" or "D" to choose footprint, it will also be shown dynamiclly in view area to quickly find correct one from library.
  • Can search placed text.
  • Keep old nets to auto create net list.
  • Set interval of angle for rotating objects when press space bar..
  • New check function.
    Please visit here >>>
  • This version is very useful for several people do a board at the same time.

2. P2S - Convert PCB to SCH (schematic diagram)


P2S is not only a schematic design tool, but also a tool of PCB to the schematics (pcb to sch).

PCB can be imported directly into documents schematics, can automatically create packages, automatic routing and convenient network inspection functions, and so on ...


P2S main functions:

-- Schematic design features

  • Direct calls PROTEL99SE schematic component library
  • Placed function
    Can place components, net-label, wires, address-bus, data-bus, and so on.
  • Net-label shows
    Supports single or multiple net at the same time display and closed.
  • Net Connection show
    Supports single or multiple net connections display on or off, easy check net connections situation.
  • Lighting Function
    Light all net-labels of the same net.
  • Pages can be choosed various standard specifications, or from the definition of size.

-- Convert to the schematic function

  • Importing PROTEL 99SE PCB files
  • Can automatically create components, net-labe, etc.
  • Automatic routing function
    Execut this function after the layout adjusted . The pins on each components which have the same net-label will be connected automatically.
  • Overall compression, expansion and pages automatically split function.
  • Replacement of the standard components package functions.
    Components that P2S created can be replaced with components in PROTEL99SE SCH library。Supporting one component with several parts.

-- Output

  • Can output the schematics SCH file of PROTEL99SE .
  • Support single page or several pages output.

System support:
Window 10/7/2000/NT/XP/Server2003

Hardware configuration:
Video adapter memory:16M

Note :
The above system and hardware configuration is a proposed configuration. As a professional CAD design, the proposed use of better allocation that would enhance the speed of operation.

Declare: The software is only used to study or research. If someone infringes the rights and interests of a third party, please bear all the responsibilities by yourself, and we will not bear any joint and several liability.


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