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Reverse Engineering Software - Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition includes two parts : CBR and P2S

CBR - PCB Reverse Engineering (BMP/JPG to PCB file)

In some particular cases, you need to draw a PCB layout according to a actual borad or a film. Typically, you need to measure all units on the board.

With this software, you can generate PCB layout as easy as 1 2 3. All you need is to scan the PCB into a BMP or JPG file. The software would read the scanned file and do the adjustmTent for you. With the software, you can recover most of the layout easily. It's a handy tool that improves you quality and productivity.

With most of the features of PROTEL, CBR is not only a reverse design software, but also provides an integrated PCB design and layout solution.

P2S - Convert PCB into SCH (schematic diagram) software

P2S is not only a design tool of schematic diagram but also a conversion (PCB to SCH) tool. You can import PCB file and convert it automatically into SCH file.

In the process of converting, it can create Parts and connect each Netlable automatically.




- What's New

RPcb Enterise - Reverse Engineering Software Enterprise Edition released.
PCB Reverse Engineering Software CBR version 6.0
P2S2.0 - Convert PCB into SCH (schematic diagram) software released
P2S- Convert PCB into SCH (schematic diagram) software

PCB Reverse Engineering Software CBR version 5.3.

CBR 5.2
CBR 5.2 version interface more attractive and more convenient to use. Automatic network around truly realized copper -- "the same networks connected, and the different networks segregated."
In CBR5.2 software, we can free to create their own components, and can save to the Protel 99 SE components database. Convenient network management, network wire and placed the functional nodes to the network table generated more secure and thus plan for the subsequent generation of principles laid a solid foundation.

- Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering Services ...
  • Replace an obsolete printed circuit board
  • Re-create lost or missing PCB manufacturing files
  • Update an existing PCB assembly with new capabilities
  • Re-engineer an old PCB design to current standards, using new components
Copying a printed circuit board ...

Creating Replacement Boards ...

MCU, CPLD, FPGA Code Extraction ...

Chip copy (Reverse to get all files to make same chips)
only need send a chip to have a evaluation for you.


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