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CBR 4.0

CBR 4.0 in the 2.0 and 3.0 basis initially had done relatively large changes, have been largely met simple copy boards.

This version suitable for simple copy board staff.


CBR 4.0 functions :
  • Lines, PAD, FILL, VIA, ARC, components, copper filling, characters can be placed.
  • Can move, edit and delete objects such as 1>
  • Undo function
  • Enlarged and narrow picture
  • Display real-time parameters of objects, and cursor position.
  • predetermined parameters of each objects
  • Unit Switched from mm to mil
  • Line mode switching(45 degree or any angle)
  • Rotate for the entire PCB by clockwise or anti-clockwise (0.01 degrees step)
  • Can overturned the entire objects according X or Y axis
  • May be based on the parameters of the scan line value of the different proportion of PCB plan to export. For example 2:1,4:1,0.33:1 etc.
  • Measurable between two arbitrary size.
  • Export PCB file of PROTEL FOR DOS

System support:

Hardware configuration:
Vision adapter memeory:16M

The above system and hardware configuration is a proposed configuration. As a professional CAD design, the proposed use of better allocation that would enhance the speed of operation.


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