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CBR 5.0

CBR 5.0 version is a fully updated version of 4.x series. It solve a question of could not move component objects in the 4.x series. Now, It can convenient adjust pads,via, characters such as size, and avoid frequent to change the attributes, to greatly enhance the efficiency of PCB copied. Placement and transparent selection greatly increased the accuracy of PCB copied. Including cursor, selection, set various colours, the software supports more colours plan PCB copied (most notably black and white map).

This version suitable for the design of electronic and specialized PCB reverse engineering staff use.

CBR 5.0 new feature:
  • Supports 34 layer PCB copied
  • Support buried VIA
  • PAD has top, middle and bottom types.
  • Support arbitrary angles PAD
  • 3-point decisions arc, painting arbitrary arc.
  • Can open and save PCB document of Protel For Win2.X and For Dos version
  • Three Line models: "arbitrary angles," "45/90 degrees," "90/ arc".
  • Character string can be placed with arbitrary angle
  • Can edit, move any objects of component.
  • Components can be placed with arbitrary angle
  • Can lock and unlock any objects
  • Can arbitrary edit object position, angle, layer and other parameter.
  • Facilitate the opening and closing of each layer display and colours
  • Select functional enhancement : can one by one select several objects, and dragging the mouse can select a regional objects.
  • Convenient copy and paste all selected objects.
  • Convenient mov all selected objects.

System support:

Hardware configuration:
Vision adapter memory :16M

Note :
The above system and hardware configuration is a proposed configuration. As a professional CAD design, the proposed use of better allocation that would enhance the speed of operation.


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