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CBR 5.2
In the version 5.1 of CBR basis, the new version of the network management, the establishment of components, to achieve real net fill copper, interface more attractive, more convenient operation.

This version more suited to the use of electronic design, network definitions, principles placed on the re-engineering plan to provide a reliable guarantee.

CBR 5.2 in the 5.1 version of the new features :
  • Copper net fill
    Complete automatic net copper fill -- "the same nets of different nets segregation." This is a great improvements in CBR 5.1.
  • Creating components
    In the PCB copied software free to establish their own components, and can save in the PROTEL99SE components database.
  • Net management
    Could facilitate to add, modify and delete the nets, will be built to facilitate the component pin into a net or from a net deleted.
  • Net wire
    Provided to place the net wire functions that have joined the net wire to a net automatically, then the entire net table naturally exist.
    With the table on the net plan for the subsequent generation of principles laid a solid foundation.
  • PCB browse panel
    Can drag and release, floating or fixed "PCBs browse panel" to be able to quickly browse all the available components, and various nets, or net and components selected, editing and jumping more convenient.

CBR 5.2 enhancements:

  • To networking, net wire place to the subsequent principles mapping provided guarantee.
  • Can be directly selected certain figure to make a PROTEL 99SE components, and automatically saved in the database 99SE (*.DDB) documents, more convenient, faster.
  • Real nets copper filling -- "the same network connecting different networks segregation."
  • Line model to six : "arbitrary angle", "90 degrees", "90 degrees + arc Avenue," "arbitrary radius arc + 90 degrees", "45 degrees ", "45 degrees + arc corner."
  • Line placing increased pre-presentation function, and the line is hollow, more conducive to placing.
  • Line width also available through A, D key rapid adjustment.
  • Arc model to four.
  • Home key used to move current mouse location to the center of current view.
  • Mouse right button dragging Photo function may facilitate the movement of the whole picture.
  • Lock or unlock function is more better.
  • Could paste to current cursor position.
  • Dragging line end functional.
  • Interrupt wire and dragging functional
  • Two grid definitions, and can be done by point or line grid painted.
  • Capture and withdrawal capture grid functions.
  • PCB browse panels quick browse current components and nets, and can rapidly select and editing, and other functions.
  • For some overlap between the various elements can be quickly selected.

System support:

Hardware configuration:
Video adapter memory:16M

Note :
The above system and hardware configuration is a proposed configuration. As a professional CAD design, the proposed use of better allocation that would enhance the speed of operation.


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