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CBR 5.3
On the version 5.1 of CBR, CBR 5.3 has some new functions, such as creating net list automatically, global replacement, import protel99se PCB file, etc,. In this version, all PCB work can be done.

New features of CBR 5.3 base on CBR 5.2:
  • Global replacement
  • Creating components
    In the PCB copied software free to establish their own components, and can save in the PROTEL99SE components database.
  • Create Net list table automatically
    Pads of component, via, track,etc, will be set different net.
  • Import Protel99se PCB file
  • Show or hide placed objects
    Move background image to top or bottom. Switching this display to check placed objects correct or not. This function is very userful.
  • Show or hide fly line of all nets.
  • Add seventh track mode - any angle circle
    Sometimes, you need place a arc after placing a track, for this case, you need stop and cancel track mode, only quick switch this mode to draw a arc..
  • Add function of placing rectangle with no fill.
  • Explode component to free primitives
  • Can import several PCB library(*.lib) or database(*.ddb)
  • Open or close designator or comment of all component.
  • Click net name on left of the panel to quickly change to another name.
  • Report some pads with no net of all component.

System support:

Hardware configuration:
Video adapter memory:16M

Note :
The above system and hardware configuration is a proposed configuration. As a professional CAD design, the proposed use of better allocation that would enhance the speed of operation.


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